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How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth

Postpartum Fashion: How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth

Congratulations for your newborn baby! Ok, I get it. We need to deal with postpartum fashion. Although you are very proud of being a mother, you also feel ugly with each time you see yourself in the mirror. You hate that your breasts are sagging, lumpy bluish veins starts appearing on your legs and stretch marks around your stomach flab…Stomach flab! Share

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I should have done this a long time ago

I see a lot of people having their own bucket list posted on their Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. I never did it because I wasn’t sure what are the more important things I should be enlisting on this so-called “PERSONAL BUCKET LIST.” But then, it came to a point that I said to myself “fuck it!” I have a stack of interests and I should set my goals for a change. So, as careful as I could, I warmed up the engine of…

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Got No Reason, Got No Shame: The Fickle Artist

Art is so diverse that it is almost spiritual, you have the choice to put your faith in it or simply let it rot in your lack of aesthetic sense. I believe being casually changeable with using your artistic skills doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a negligence, (I know I seem to sound like trying to console my guilt over it.) But, as goes by the saying, “the prognosis can necessarily be only an educated guess.” Perhaps, my viewpoint regarding this deviation is…

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Waking up Feeling Awesome

No makeup, haven’t washed my face, not even a combed hair..Uhm, I just remembered I wore the same outfit as with my pictures on my previous post Allow Me To Be Silly: Selfies. I understand what I’m writing about may not make sense to many, I just simply want to share that I woke up feeling AWESOME today! As much as possible I want this fresh start of the year to be all positive in spite of my pecuniary difficulty due to last…

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Another Year, Another Self-Reminder: My 2015 Lesson

Last month I wrote about how does each of us measure our success(How Do You Measure Success?) I am glad that a few people expressed their thoughts about it. One night, it was a quiet contemplation as I stand alone outside my apartment. There I was, staring at the dark sky. Puffing smokes on my cigarette. My short gasps were noticeably heavy, it felt like my world just stopped before me. I’m favored with artistic skills and I do have a stable…

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Food and Inspiration

   Admittedly, this entry is inspired by my irresponsibility of skipping breakfast for three consecutive weeks. Apparently the unhealthy practice seemed to have caused my often “quick-brain-cells” to  have the “Skippy” performance. Forgive me for my dysfunctional literacy in case my delineation of this subject is causing you to chortle as you read. How not feeding our inspiration emotionally affects us has the same idea about how our bodies react when we skip what can keep us stimulated, like food. The result is for us to become less…

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