California living

I know San Francisco traffic can be undoubtedly bad.

I have lived in CA my whole life.

I have only lived in San Francisco for the past multiple years, however the traffic isn’tany worse than LA or Sacramento. There are a lot more hell’s plus 1 way straight, however a tied up day of traffic is a tied up day of traffic no matter where you live. Last Saturday night, I ordered marijuana supplies from a local dispensary right here in San Francisco. The dispensary is only 7 miles away from my apartment. They’ve delivered to my new home multiple times in the past! Even on a tied up night in the middle of San Francisco Pride week, delivery times are still around an fourth. That is 1 of the reasons why I was surprised that last week’s delivery took so long. I spoke with a budtender on the iPhone right before the order left the store! When the driver had not arrived after 74 minutes, I called the dispensary again. The driver was sitting in the store plus he claimed to have knocked on my door however no 1 answered. I told the budtender that was impossible. After all, I was sitting at loft reading a book. There is no way that I would have missed a knock on the door. I also have a actually loud plus obnoxious dog that barks every time there is a noise. The driver was acting love a jerk plus I do not know why he didn’t give the items the first time, however someone brought my marijuana supplies about 30 minutes later.


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