Busch Gardens can be a blast in the winter

My family and I live in the suburbs outside of Tampa FL. One of our number one things to do on a Winter time afternoon is hit up Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is a killer safari themed amusement park designed for families to all enjoy. A lot of people visit Busch Gardens in Tampa when they come to FL for summer time vacations. In our humble opinion, summer time is the very worst time to visit any of the FL tourist attractions. First of all, most stadiums are seriously tied up during the summer vacation season, kids are out of university and parents are taking vacations. The other reason why summer time is the worst time to visit stadiums love Busch Gardens in Tampa is due to the Heat and the humidity. There is no access to air conditioning once you are inside these amusement parks. The only stadiums with air conditioning are the diners and gift shops. None of the lines for rides are in an section with air conditioning, so you are forced to sit in line for 1 or 2 hours in 95° temps with 95% humidity. Most kids aren’t expecting Busch Gardens or any other theme park to be an angry experience, so add complaining and whining children to the afternoon. Those are the chief reasons why I do not care about to visit the theme parks during the summer. The weather in and around Tampa during the Winter time season is absolutely quite mild and very cool. In our humble opinion, this is the perfect time to hang out with friends and relax at one of the best Tampa Bay tourist attractions like Busch Gardens.

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