All the music is great here

When all the people think of Seattle WA, they think of the music.

Remember back some 20 years ago when there was the large musical genre of Grunge Rock? The group of us are the birthplace of Grunge, as well as it’s showcases are still present to this entirely afternoon, but most people knows about the large names like about Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, as well as Soundgarden, many of them don’t know how rich as well as diverse the music scene has been, as well as continues to be, and on the West Coast.

Seattle WA is the king of the music scene, as well as the king of the cannabis scene. So CA has a much bigger reputation for cannabis, but for my money it cannot touch the stuff all of us grow here in as well as around Seattle. The cannabis in Seattle is so great that all of us respectfully have people drive down from Canada to buy our locally grown stuff, and everyone knows that Canadian cannabis is among the best in the world, as well as yet up there, they dream of smoking Seattle herb. The same is tplot for music in the Seattle area, it is a hub for talent for hundreds of miles around. If you want to get observed as a musician, then Seattle is your best bet in this section of the country. I could never chop it here myself, the level of talent is too big, so I pivoted in my work goals as well as started working as a Seattle section concert promoter. I still get to be a section of the thriving Seattle music scene, but I no longer have to be any great at performing live music.

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