All the flowers mean the pollen is a concern in Lakeland

The flowers of Lakeland, FL are just gorgeous, then there is something always budding, blooming, or showcasing some gorgeous color, however i prefer looking for new plants, finding new kinds of trees, plus putting in shrubs.

  • I also have an impressive vegetable garden plus orchard around my house.

The sun plus heat in Florida means the growing season is basically all year around. It doesn’t get cold enough for the plants to go dormant, then so it is a constant battle to keep the plants watered plus glad. Since there is so much growing, there is a ton of pollen. There are particular parts of the year that the pollen is just too horrible for me. I take dust sensitivity medication almost everyday plus clean my household a bunch. It didn’t matter this most recent year. I kept getting sinus pressure, sneezing, coughing, plus feeling super sick. I then started hunting around plus asking Lakeland, FL Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealers what to do. I got my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C unit always tested. They washed all the inner workings, lubricated, plus oiled. They then did HVAC duct cleaning to get any pollen that was stuck in there; Lastly I purchased an media air cleaner that now is installed in the HVAC duct… As the air conditioning operates, teh media air cleaner is tagged in to remove pollen, dust, dirt plus smells. I have absolutely observed a difference since installing an air cleaner. I feel like the air is fresher plus smells better. I don’t have to take my medication as much. I am currently looking for another air quality cleaning device to make my symptoms even better.

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