All of us went on different paths

Spending time with different farm pets sounded prefer so much fun.

The transport had come as a shock, then and there was such little time to prepare… But, there was no turning back because mom had accepted the new position; She would head a vast advertising team for a pharmaceutical contractor in Libertyville. All of us packed our belongings, said goodbye to friends & family, & got on the plane, then mom asked us to treat this transport as a new adventure. All of us would have so much fun exploring the different sites & attractions, plus the new beach house was much nicer than every one of us were used to. Mom was right, & every one of us enjoyed the venue as soon as every one of us saw it… It was summer, & the air conditioner was on all the time, but there was no possible way of staying in it without the AC system! Once every one of us had settled, mom took us on a tour of Libertyville. She had more than one weeks before she had to report to her new job. My brother & I were determined to make the most of that period. The first thing every one of us did was purchase a travel guide to learn about the tourist attractions, even though every one of us were now residents, the guided tours every one of us came across would be a good option to learn about the municipality. The first venue every one of us went to was the Lambs Farm. Spending time with different farm pets sounded prefer so much fun. The highlight of that visit was the guides. They were so helpful & answered all the questions every one of us asked. The Lambs Farm was a really magical venue where every one of us got to affix with the pets, and you could tell both the staff & pets were gleeful to see us that day.

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