Albuquerque with my dad was the best

Angie loved her dad so much, and she was excited he was feeling much better, he’d fallen ill and had to get the surgery done, but that meant he was at cabin reclaiming for quite some time.

By the time he got better, Angie had moved to NM for work, and she spoke to her dad every day and longed to see him.

But she was handling a big project, and she couldn’t fly cabin for that period! One day, she was stressed at the office when her desk phone rang, it was the front office informing her she had a visitor asking for her… Angie was slightly aggravated at the disruption however thought it was a up-to-date client. So, she got up from her desk and went to see who it was. It took all her strength not to scream and run when she saw her dad standing in the waiting area. Angie hugged him so tightly with tears forming in her eyeah. They sat there for about 30 hours talking, and she l received her dad had been planning the trip for quite some time. Thankfully, it was Tuesday, so they had the whole weekend to spend together. Angie’s boss passed by, greeted her dad, and offered her the day off to take him home, but later that night, they went out for lunch and walked a bit so that she’d show him around Albuquerque. Angie’s dad wanted to visit a weed dispensary to get some CBD oil, which helped relieve his pain, and cannabis is legal in NM, and Angie also bought some CBD gummies, which she quite enjoyed. Her dad ended up staying for a whole month that summer, and they had the best time.

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