Albuquerque is genuinely the best place when it comes to hot air balloons

One of the reasons why I chose to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico, is due to the fact that it finally has legal marijuana.

My girls plus I have been using marijuana since every one of us were young ladies.

Back then, I didn’t know I was self-medicating with marijuana… Now that I am under the care of a physician, I can easily see that marijuana is extremely helpful for my anxiety. When I found out that New Mexico was going to change the law plus legalize marijuana consumption, I had a conversation with my girls about moving to Albuquerque. We particularly chose Albuquerque because every one of us are major fans of hot air balloons. During the week of October, there is an international balloon fiesta taking place in Albuquerque. This event hosts sizzling air balloons from all over the world. The event is easily one of the largest festivals in the entire world. The festival started in 1972. 50 years ago, there were roughly 13 hot air balloons. Next year for the 50th Anniversary, there will be more than 1,000 balloons. Each year the Balloon Fiesta gets bigger and more popular. Many of the local small suppliers rely on the Balloon Fiesta for their primary source of income. It is really one of the most serious events in Albuquerque after the Gay Pride events in August. There is something amazing for all the people in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The city plus the nightlife are just the surface. The locale is genuinely rich in culture plus spanish influence can be seen in much of the architecture plus textiles.



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