After the fire, all the ductwork had to be cleaned plus sanitized

My friend was cooking something on the stove when he answered the door plus started talking to someone else… The friend forgot that he had a pot of water boiling on the stove plus it started to boil over, water plus fire caused sparks to spread plus a fire started in the family room.

The guy didn’t realize that a fire had started until there was a lot of smoke inside of his apartment, then he panicked plus ran down the hall to get help instead of trying to put out the fire.

There was a lot of smoke plus water destruction inside of his house plus my apartment, my wonderful friend and I share ductwork because our apartments are on top of each other, and after the fire, all I could smell was it plus smoke inside of my apartment, i contacted the Jacksonville house association plus I suggested the ductwork to be cleaned plus sanitized. The house association manager wanted me to pay for the service, because he did not feel that it was necessary. I threatened to call a lawyer so the manager of the house building agreed to pay for a Jacksonville ductwork cleaning supplier to sanitize plus scrub all of the ductwork in my apartment. The manager also paid for a Jacksonville heating plus AC supplier to maintain plus scrub the heating plus AC equipment. I also got the manager to pay for a fresh carpet cleaning. I tried to get as much as I could out of the house manager after the fire caused so much destruction plus disruption.

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