Adding a humidifier for the long winters in Springfield

For me, I just have them inspect the humidifier with my heater

The winter season in Springfield is so dang long. I hate that from October to around June I need to have the heater running. That is basically my entire life the heating system has to be on high. The heating equipment dries out your indoor air quality. Did you know that? For a while I just ignored the dry air. I had bloody noses, dry skin, chapped lips and experienced static shock. Once I started noticing cracked wood furniture and problems with the electronics, I knew I needed to add a humidifier. Now that I own a humidifier, I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner. A humidifier is a simple addition to the household but it has a big impact. Our furnace just keeps on heating but now moisture is added into the air quality. With that bit of moisture the air actually feels warmer. I am able to lower the thermostat a bit and still be comfortable. I no longer feel dry and irritated. The house feels so much more inviting. It even smells better which is odd. The humidifier requires some cleaning and maintenance once a year. I think that is what gets people so afraid to call their Springfield HVAC dealer and ask about a humidifier. For me, I just have them inspect the humidifier with my heater. I get one big heating maintenance appointment and take care of everything. Sure it adds to the expense, but my comfort levels have never been better. A humidifier was worth every penny.

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