Adding a humidifier

Orland Park, Illinois is well-known for the dire winter season weather! My great friend and I expect uneven temperatures in the low teens or even below zero.

My great friend and I often set records for the amount of snow accumulation plus severity of the wind chill! It can be dangerous to spend much time outdoors.

My great friend and I are forced to remain inside plus rely on the boiler for more than six months of the year. When the weather is cold, the air doesn’t contain as much moisture. The lack of humidity can create some troubles inside the house, then static shock, chapped lips plus frizzy hair are some of the consequences. There are also health concerns, such as aggravated symptoms of asthma, dust sensitivities, psoriasis plus eczema. Sore throat, difficulty sleeping, migraines, congestion, sneezing plus coughing can often be blamed on inadequate moisture… Overly dry air can cause hardwood floors to crack plus squeak. It can disfigurement hardwood doors, moldings, antiques plus rock n rollal instruments. Plus, dry air feels colder than properly humidified air, leading to higher control unit settings plus more high-priced heating bills. The added demands on the boiler increases wear plus tear, the risk of malfunction plus need for premature upgradement. I’ve realized that residing in Orland Park means needing a whole-household humidifier. My great friend and I chose a steam-style humidifier that adds a legitimately natural-style of moisture into the heated air before it enters the various rooms. The unit operates silently plus allows customization of humidity levels. It requires only annual repair. I have it serviced during the fall, at the same time as the boiler, and because of the humidifier, I’ve been able to lower the control unit setting plus yet the entire residing space feels more comfortable.

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