A wild weekend in Denver, Colorado

My wife Eleanor is a wildly successful lawyer.

I am her long suffering but devoted husband.

We have been together since high school, so I know she loves me dearly, but sometimes our marriage seems to take a back seat to her career. I try not to complain, because she makes amazing money, and I can’t believe I live in a house this nice! Still, I get lonely sometimes. So a couple of times a year Eleanor will take a week long vacation and we will travel someplace far away to relive our honeymoon. Last year we went to Denver, Colorado, and it was so much fun I want to go back there again ASAP. Eleanor has a very demanding job, which means she can’t smoke cannabis very often because she needs to stay sharp. On the Denver vacation, she really cut loose and smoked more cannabis than she ever had before. For once she was able to keep pace with me! We also visited one of the excellent local breweries in Denver, and got pretty hammered off the beer. Every night we visited a different restaurant in downtown Denver, and experienced some truly delightful cuisine. Of course, the food in Denver always tastes better if you smoke a little cannabis before you eat. I had such an amazing time with Elenaor in Denver that I have already started to look for flights to go back ASAP. I miss the Denver cannabis, of course, but moreover I miss the relaxed feeling I had from being there with my dear wife Eleanor.

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