A weird fringe convention in Albuquerque

I call them “conspiracy conventions” because they do tend to cover a wide range of topics.

Basically, these are conventions where people with unusual beliefs gather to discuss them.

There are conventions for people who believe in UFOs, or cryptids like Bigfoot and the Skunk Ape. There are conventions for people who think the government is secretly controlled by lizard people who live deep inside the earth. No matter what crazy idea you can think of, someone out there believes it! Recently I attended a convention held just outside of Albuquerque, NM, on the subject of alien abductions. The biggest alien-themed con of the year is held in Roswell, of course, but the one in Albuquerque is the second biggest. I had a great time at the convention, but it was even more fun to explore the city of Albuquerque. I was amazed by how many cannabis dispensaries there are around here. I was even more amazed once I actually smoked some Albuquerque cannabis, which was truly outstanding. I wondered if the convention hosts picked Albuquerque as a site because they knew how killer the cannabis was. Aside from the marijuana, I found a lot of great museums and art galleries in Albuquerque, and the food was divine! As for the convention itself, it turned out to be more fun hearing people talk about alien abductions with a few cannabis edibles in my system. Overall, the trip to Albuquerque was one of the better conventions I have attended. If they have another weird, fringe convention in Albuquerque, I will definitely go back.

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