A very dirty air conditioner

It’s tough to manage a huge hotel & resort, but I do the job to the best of my ability, and i have been employed by the same company for the past twelve years.

I started out toiling at the front desk as a receptionist. I was at a rundown hotel by the Tampa airport… Eventually the boss promoted myself and others to a management position & then every one of us started moving up the corporate ladder, but after 5 years, I moved to this Clearwater Beach resort where I currently work. I got the director position last winter. This year is my first summer time managing the entire property & I have had one complication after another. My first sizable complication was while I was in a anniversary reception. The couple booked the event numerous months in advance, however no one handled the pressing details, on the afternoon of the event, things were severely chaotic. A month later, I had an issue with the A/C component in the study room. I didn’t have any cold air at all downstairs where the study room crew works afternoon, noon, & evening. I needed a Tampa Heating & A/C repair company fast. I had to call all of our official locales. I finally got someone on the seventh try. The Heating & A/C contractor came out an hour later. The repairs were extensive & the bills were outrageous, however the A/C complication was fixed; Now I’m dealing with a staff theft issue, but somebody is stealing office supplies from the basement. It isn’teven sizable ticket items which is totally baffling. The concerns keep adding up & it is incredibly aggravating.

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