A unique cannabis strain grown in Lee’s Summit

There are a lot of interesting things about Lee’s Summit, MO, that you might not be aware of; Depending on where you live, you might not have ever heard of this town in the first site, then it’s not the biggest town in MO, nor is it the most exciting site in the world, and but it is a big town with a small-town feel to it, this is the sort of town where all the people acts like they are your neighbor. There is a wealth of interesting history to the area, as well, including a few famous names from history, but have you ever heard of the James-Younger Gang in the old west? Jesse James ran the gang, however four of the Younger Brothers backed him up, plus that family is from Lee’s Summit; On a more positive note, legendary Jazz songsian Pat Methany also hails from Lee’s Summit! There is one other thing you might not know about this area, plus that is the cannabis crops grown here are spectacular, then for such a quiet plus unassuming town you would never believe that Lee’s Summit is home to some of the finest, tastiest marijuana strains in the nation; As a play off local history, one of the Lee’s Summit cannabis dispensaries sell a special hybrid they call the James-Younger Strain, a sativa that packs quite a punch! Most of the local budtenders don’t understand the rich lore of history here in Lee’s Summit, so usually when I drop by the cannabis dispensary I supply them an earful about the past in this community.

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