A lot of famous people live in Tampa

I love watching pro wrestling, and please don’t tell me it’s fake because I am not an idiot.

TV shows are fake, movies are fake, so-called reality TV is fake, so don’t get high and mighty with me about these wrestlers being fake.

These guys take big time beatings, and yes the outcomes are predetermined as part of a larger narrative, they still put on a heck of a show. To me pro wrestling is like watching an action scene in a movie, where it doesn’t have to be real it just has to look real. I live in Tampa, FL which is not only a hotbed for up and coming professional wrestlers, but the home to many of the biggest legends of all time. You may not believe this, but as a part of my HVAC tech job I have met Duane “the Rock” Johnson and Hulk Hogan on separate occasions. The Rock doesn’t live in Tampa, but he was visiting another wrestling legend called “the Big Show” Paul Wight, who happened to be having some A/C issues during a big get-together at his mansion. Hulk Hogan has lived in Tampa, FL for years, in a quiet neighborhood with a lot of other retired wrestlers. Where else but Tampa could a humble air conditioner tech meet two of his life long heroes? I always try to stay cool and respectful and focus on the job, because these guys called me to fix the AC not to ask for autographs, but it’s hard sometimes! I will never live anywhere other than Tampa Bay!

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