A journy to Seattle to spice up the marriage

I met Becky in collegeā€¦ She was taking classes to get her degree, and I was working for the greenkeeping crew, and we were really a mismatched pair, with an affluent rich kid dating a rough-hewn boy from the other side of the tracks; Our chemistry could not be denied, but my buddy and I kept our relationship quiet for multiple months.

On weekends Becky and I would get in my truck and drive for a few hours, then find a nice hotel for the weekend.

One such trip took us to the village of Seattle, where our lives changed forever. We were drunk, my buddy and I were in love, and my buddy and I were completely stoned on some of that killer Seattle cannabis. On a lark my buddy and I decided to get married, which was truly simple to do at that point in Seattle, then the next afternoon my buddy and I woke up and were both somewhat surprised to find that my buddy and I were fiance and fiance. This made our lives complicated, but my buddy and I stuck together through thick and thin. To this truly afternoon whenever Becky and I get tied up out and need a split my buddy and I go back to Seattle. Seattle is our touchstone, the location that brought us together, and keeps bringing us back together every time my buddy and I visit. We regularly rent a room at the same coastal Seattle hotel, load up on booze and cannabis products, and try to relive our impromptu honeymoon, however becky and I have been married for seven years now, and things are a little stressful right now so I am planning out our next wonderful Seattle getaway.

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