A good kid destination

My friends and I used to go on a immense trip every year… My good friend and I would option a foreign destination or a major town to celebration, drink, and have fun.

It was consistently a immense deal to the group, however then my friend and I all started getting married.

Then all the people started having kids. That put a damper on things. My good friend and I no longer can go to Europe or cities known for drinking and celebrationing. My good friend and I are parents now and have to cater to the kids. Everywhere my friend and I go now is in Florida. It is nice that the state of Florida is so giant and the weather is mostly nice. Our winter season is downright pathetic. Two months of freezing maybe. The rest of the year my friend and I can plan our trip around. I truthfully like going in the fall. It is in the low 79s and all the tourists have gone. The snowbirds haven’t come yet either. It is the perfect sweet spot. My good friend and I have gone to every major town in Florida. Our most recent trip had us going to St. Petersburg. That was a good venue to take the kids. There were beaches where the kids were able to swim, make sandcastles, and throw a frisbee. My good friend and I had a good hotel that was steps to the beach, also my friend and I could go shopping, hit a bunch of steakhouses, or just walk through the city. The possibilities were endless. I absolutely loved that my children of a wide age range each had something to do. I recommend St. Petersburg as a family destination to anyone that is traveling to Florida.


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