A first date in the Lowell thriving district

The historical downtown district of Lowell is one of the nicest places I’ve ever been for a relaxed meander and a delightful meal, and i remember so clearly the first time I went, it was on a first date with Jimmy, however this was many years ago, mind you.

I wanted to get to know him and do something special, so the pair of us jumped in the Dodge Charger and drove the 45 minutes to get to the neighborhood of Lowell, and my enjoyable friend and I parked near the edge of the historic district and started to walk, just before the daylight went down.

The colorful buildings and well-kept streets of Lowell were a delight, and we walked for an hour before we decided to stop and find something to eat; Jimmy wanted to get a steak, but something else caught my eye – a cannabis dispensary. I didn’t know a place as pretty as Lowell would have cannabis dispensaries! Instead of a steak, I told Jimmy I would like to have a big, juicy cannabis edible, and he was surprised, I don’t suppose he was prepared for a boy like me to want cannabis edibles on a first date! Lowell has various excellent cannabis dispensaries, and we decided to go into the first one we passed. There were hundreds of unusual strains and interesting cannabis products, however I decided to just get one pressing edible to split with Jimmy. My enjoyable friend and I sat on a bench for about thirty minutes, chatting and seeing the citizens of Lowell walk by; And then the cannabis edible started kicking in.. then we don’t remember much.



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