Many of us enjoy the snow but definitely not the harsh snowstorm causing a slippery driveway. I mean, seriously, who enjoys shovelling a thick slush of ice every now and then? Allowing your driveway to frequently absorb snow-removal chemicals such as salt only gives it the greater chance of damage. Getting a heated driveway reduces this hassle. Homeowners who considered installing heated driveway understands the importance of walking to the car much less dangerous.The major attraction of a heated driveway is quite obvious. It’s the convenience in terms of labor reduction, saves you time and energy.

Is It Worth It To Get A Heated Driveway?

Some are focusing on the installation and operating expenses, but tend to overlook its best advantages that can save money. It’s the most common, yet a very understandable question before we ask regarding how much does a heated driveway cost. It’s not surprising why homeowners opt for just the concrete or asphalt driveways. However, when the winter gets ugly and covers your pavement with a layer of snow or ice, your efforts need to be higher if you want to recover the full use of your driveway. Its single advantage of snow-clearing is not a small matter, especially if you live in North of United States.

Perhaps, the major attraction of a heated driveway is the convenience it offers in terms of saving you hours of backbreaking manual labor. It’s a little to no maintenance service. It is much budget-friendly than plow service, a local snow shoveler or worse replacing your entire driveway whenever it cracks.


Types Of Driveway Heating System

Hydronic Heating System:  

These are the zigzags you see underneath your pavement and is perfect for large snowmelt jobs. The cost of heated driveway using Hydronic systems is a bit higher to install. But, it is cheaper to operate and energy efficient. It can retain heat much longer after the boiler is off. Installation roughly costs around $4,000-$5,000.

Electric Coil Heating System:

Relatively a popular choice among homeowners due to its easy installation and customizable options. It also has a fully automated operation and is maintenance free. The installation cost will depend on what brand of electric furnace you choose, and the amount of labor it requires. It can cost between $697 and as much as $3,409 while the electric furnaces range between $1,650-$$4,260. Below are the top brands of furnace options with its price.

  1. Amana: $5,000-$7,000 (High Efficiency,) $3,000-$5,500 (Standard.)
  2. American Standard: $2,900-$13,000 (High Efficiency,) $1,950-$11,000 (Standard.)
  3. Bryant: $3,750-$13,000 (High Efficiency,) $2,400-$10,500 (Standard.)
  4. Carrier: $4,500-$13,000  (High Efficiency,) $2,000-$9,000 (Standard.)
  5. Goodman: $5,500-$8,000 (High Efficiency,) $3,000-$5,500 (Standard.)

Furthermore, the installation of the furnace has an estimated cost between $2,000 and $8,000. But we really do not encourage you to purchase your own furnace. The fact that they have no idea how it was stored, treated and transported before the installation.  It may cause a problem with the contractor’s warranty.

How Much Does A Heated Driveway Cost?

A heated driveway price will depend on the type of snow-melting system you will choose and the target portion of the driveway. Some homeowners would only want as small as tire-wide strips for your wheel paths, and, or the pathway from their home’s front door to the car door. In relation to that, choosing the type of heating system will also depend on your location and how often you use your driveway.

    • Installing a Radiant Heating System, you are looking at an average installation cost of $3,892. The lowest is about a $1,300, and the highest is about $10,000, in that range without the labor cost.
    • The price per square foot is lesser if covering a larger area. For example; installing hydronic heating system in a 400 square foot driveway will cost $9 per square foot. While 5,000 square foot could only go about $5 per square foot. If you choose electric coil, lowest would be $8 per square foot.
    • If there’s a need to remove an existing driveway to install a heating system, the average cost of heated driveway per square foot is between $14-$24.
    • The heated driveway price for patterned asphalt driveways, like those in the shape of bricks or stones, the estimated cost per square foot could go about $3 to $9. So, for a standard-size, two-car driveway, that’s about $1,080 to $3,600.
    • Labor may take 5 to 10 hours of removing, relocating, modifying existing framing, surfacing, and electrical labor. Different states have different labor price range. For example, in Big Lake Minnesota using zip code 55309. A 5-hour installation in a 500 square foot driveway is about $357.56 to $433.41.

If your driveway is not that wide, you can definitely save labor cost by doing the demolition yourself. And excluding automatic control systems. These figures do not include yet the demolition of old pavement and pouring a new concrete or asphalt. We just want to show the average costs to give you an idea of its price range. Still better to get estimates from professionals.


Cost Of Removing The Driveway

Before we discuss numbers about how much does a heated driveway cost, the demolishing of the old driveway also varies significantly. Depending on city & state you’re from, the constructive material, and the size of the driveway. Additionally, accessibility of the area, and debris disposal are also cost factors.

  • Permits: It is hard to determine how much it will cost to obtain the permits required since different states have different required expenses.
  • Inspection Fees: Luckily, inspection fee will only cost you around $100.
  • Labor Cost: Concrete driveways may range from $800 to $2,400 that may or may not include disposal of debris.


Those are expenses needed to be considered prior. Below we have a data of the price range for both concrete and asphalt driveway. This is just to give you an idea regarding the driveway removal costs across the United States. Other cost factors include multi-width driveways. Estimating the numbers are a bit challenging. You may find out more regarding the driveway removal price range here.



The homeowners who considered installing heated driveway are already getting the benefits. And the others who are interested to find out how much does a heated driveway cost recognizes its advantages. Particularly, the simple act of walking to your car without the concern of possibly getting into a slip and fall accident.