Home buyers have four things in mind before they hand over a check for a downpayment. I originally hail from Davao city, but I spent roughly ten years in the north, particularly NCR. I pretty much know the buzzing environment wherein space becomes a major issue amongst the grounds of cities. Convenience, price, and accessibility are a no-brainer factors every home buyer look for.So I had the chance to see LandCris Residences more than once. When I found out that LandCris Somerset Development Corporation is holding an event at Pinnacle Hotel & Suites, I got excited.

Courtesy of LandCris residences

Courtesy of LandCris residences

Remembering My First Visit..

Last year, I was invited to see the LanCris Residences in Parañaque city and had the chance to check their site development plan, of which, at that time, was the “Diamond Tower.” It has been a long time since I stepped a foot in one of the best condominium spots I have entered so far. And why do I say this? The mid-rise infrastructure and the entire architectural perspective is perfect for homeowners with children. LanCris residences sit right in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, giving the Lancris Residences a great space away from the noise of the busy Parañaque.

The modern home built within the 3.21 acres property land that stands up to seven floors sits in the midst of a peaceful and well-gated suburban community. This location is not far from the major business concentration portals, just a few minutes away from the Manila airport and Makati city.

Lancris Residences Goes To Davao City!

I took this picture a year ago and it is a spacious room.

The two-bedroom units measure 41.79 square meters each. It all has the important functions needed in a home, a nice granite countertop, modular kitchen cabinets, completely tiled flooring and equipped with high-speed fiber optic cables. Other than that, what caught my attention is how they utilise their penthouse space. Most condos use the highest floor of their building only as a drying area for their laundry, of course, the floor had been divided to produce a large space for the drying cages. But, the extra space has been utilised wisely. They covered the floor with artificial lawn, placed a playhouse with a slide and benches.

A Sneak Peek Of The Garnet Tower

The next infrastructure in completion is the “Garnet Tower,” during my visit, they are still flourishing the very promising tower. The Garnet tower resembles the Diamond Tower with only a few differences with ceiling height. It has 52 square meters two-bedroom units and 81.60 square meters three-bedroom units will be ready to welcome new homeowners. I am sure it will have another beautiful sky garden. Soon, this residential oasis will complete its jogging trail, basketball court, Badminton Court, Billiard Hall, Fitness Gym and 25m lap pool. Seems like I need to start marking my wishlist. Below are the 3D concepts of development and will materialize to cater homeowners, it could be you!


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And here’s why. most of those who are loving the Davao-life would want to enjoy Manila minus the polluted and noisy environment. This is exactly what separates LanCris Residences from its competitors. They captured the idea of living like you are in Davao while you look at the vastness of Paranaque from the balcony of Diamond Tower. You can tell how much the Corporation appreciates one of the largest metropolitans in Asia when you hear the President of LandCris Somerset Dev’t Corp. Eng. Jefferson S. Bongat, along with Mr.Jigger Cunanan, Lancris Asst. Vice-President and Mr.Emmanuel Francis Torre, Lancris Regional Sales Manager.


I was the photographer, the ladies and gentlemen enjoying and learning.

Below are the floor plans of the units, feel free to check it, you never know, your home might be in Garnet Tower pretty soon.