What are the power pieces every working women must own? The aspects of fashion are pretty basic, but one important thing every working womanΒ should always keep in mind is that the quality of your outfit should speak for itself. The pieces should compliment each other and to your other outfits as well. When I was working in a call center way back 4 or 5 years ago, my work ensembles always include a tailored blazer. Why? Not just because it add up a pinch of sophistication, but also it is putting your fashion sense on the safe side without being entirely boring. Well, that depends on what are the other outfits you match your blazer.


 power pieces every working women must own

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A Classic Wrist Watch

A classic watch should always be one of a working woman’s key pieces not only to look stylish but also to look professional. Notwithstanding the more architectural change in fashion this one wrist staple is always an essential addition. If you are the type who likes busy prints and transitioning to classic plain make you unflattering, wearing a watch can draw more attention to your outfit.

 power pieces every working women must own

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Black Suede Or Leather Pumps

Besides the diamonds and fanciful blings, shoes are every woman’s ultimate love. Whether suede or leather, pump shoes can pull together any outfit and add instant poise. Choosing the proper “work enabling footwear” is also significant, some women are so hesitant to choose beyond the basic style in fear that it wouldn’t look appropriate. Bur really girls, all you need to have in mind when trying to get your feet in an office-worthy pair of shoes is the colour and what added frills on it. Vince Camuto’s black Naamah is one of the stilettos that I find very versatile, yet unmonotonous, platforms are also great choices, but the classic still looks best.

 power pieces every working women must own

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The Little Black Dress

Every girl knows that it is essential to own at least one little black dress. I actually have more than one. I am curvy, so, little black dresses for my shape is very important, so it matters that you pick a versatile style that you can add an embellished belt on, a nice necklace or anything that will make your entire ensemble unique and sophisticated.

power pieces every working women must own

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A Versatile Lady’s Bag

Handbags are more than just for practical use it also serves as an accessory that will give a nice accent to your outfit. Pick the one that is thicker and has smoother leather or with evident patterns, just like this coach swagger handbag.

A Solid White Blouse

Who could go wrong with white blouses? Just like men’s staple “a white shirt,” women should and must always have at least, one of this. Collar styles and patterns may fluctuate gradually with changing trends, but a classic white blouse is always a must have to look effortlessly put-together at any occasion.

Black Pencil Skirt

There are numerous styles of skirts, but for a professional woman pencil, skirts are the number one business style staple. You can wear it at formal gatherings as well as parties because it flatters every woman of all ages and body type. I like this one with a side flair by elizabethcustomskirts. But, of course, you can always go for the classic pencil skirts.