A jaw-dropping scene just happened to a group of skateboarding youngsters when the 20-year skateboarding star Danny Léon transformed into an 80-year old grandpa and did what he does best,—flipping manoeuvres in the air. This young man certainly has excellent acting skills, just see how deceived strangers in this prank, who would ever suspect that it was just a dress-up game? Propped with extensive prosthetic makeup and a cane that turned this young man into an oldie who can barely walk.

We have witnessed the dramatic changes of skateboarding since its introduction around the 1940´s until it reached its boundless popularity today. If we speed back to thirty years ago, skateboarding was merely considered as a recreational activity. Most parents back then are reluctant to accept it as a sport considering its unreliable design. But now, its advancement and discovered benefits created its culture and is now a widely recognized sport.

He strolled around the park along with a few genuine oldies to watch teens perform skateboarding tricks. He got everyone convinced that he is a señor citizen who wants to learn how to balance on a skateboard,— even got assisted by one of the teenage skateboarders. Watch the video as he stuns strangers when he started doing his freestyle stunts, jumping high and speeding up on the sides of a skateboard pool. That is just hilarious for fuck sake!  I do not mean to use the “F” word but how else should I react? I bet every human being who watched him do his stunts like it was just chewing a gum would react similarly.

I love how those eyes popped out as soon as they saw ¨old danny¨ made his shocking jump! If it was a real old man jumping and turning with a skateboard glued on his feet. I’d go nuts!