I love canopy beds for one logical reason, the convenience it offers for the erotic moments. Yes, my dear readers, I’m totally speaking my untrammeled mind right now, and I’m expressing my ideas and thoughts about why I am fascinated with beds that feature posts. I won’t elaborate that any further, I will let your imagination draw the scene. From the continuous appearances of various designs of beds, I totally go for a bed’s character. Apart from its “must” the durability, of course. I found these photographs that are labeled for reuse online. As my imagination runs wild I think of the kind of romantic beds I want to have myself. And here I share the canopy bed designs that I find both “Erotic and Stylish.”

Quite frankly, I have this strange, vivid, libidinous vision of lovemaking. This intricate bedroom design at Royal Suite in Dubai defines timeless supreme “Arabian nights.” While sipping wine on an engraved Arabian wine glass, serenaded with the traditional, soft slow Arabic instrumental lounge music playing in the background.


This free form composition of  Joseph Walsh, that he named Enignum canopy just has that artistic touch of luscious quintessential appeal that makes me, imagine of the classic Irish erotic stories of forbidden love.

Style: "Neutral"

Mkuze Falls Lodge’s Safari bedrooms offering panoramic views of the beautiful African mountains and the Mkuze river with its spacious veranda. This is where you might want to put your racy intimate skills in action.


Oh! Those horns built on to the bed’s headboard looks pretty wild! That must’ve been intended to be there to put that to good use! In case I’ll be in an overwhelming carnal situation and would need something to hold on to.


This certainly surprised me when I found out that this was an old oak vat carved more than 100 years ago by venerable Port producer Taylor’s. Years later it was transfigured into a rummy bed for the intoxicating nights of hot action.

0921 barrel bed

This thick beamed bed customized in Bali, Indonesia exhibits not only the tropical design of Rick Ryniak Architects. But it also exudes the exotic sultriness of Austronesians. Just imagine how many love scenes you can do in this well-thought suggestive romantic bed.

Not just because this romantic bed looks “fancy,” it’s also because it has that “royalty glamor” kind of sexiness on its entire concept (well, it’s a redefined Victorian design, well done Mallery hall!) There’s no doubt that its classy romantic appearance brings out that well-kept lustful energy. .

french inspired canopy bedroom set