You want to give your honey girl something special, but it seems like giving her the same easy-to-guess-mementos is quite boring? You want to get things a bit more exciting, but you hate that tedious feeling of surprising her a naughty gift? That is just tough is it? Buy Her something naughty! Here are ten of the naughty gift ideas that are discreet, with some being funny, nevertheless cute!

1. “Pasties”

Cute Naughty Gift Ideas

Girls enjoy the comfort of being bra-less, but nipple patches are only good under the shirt because they look ugly. As soon as you start your sexy undressing scene, just imagining how awkward it would be to surprise a man with a pair of round band-aids on your nipples. NOT COOL right? The “nipples” look better, they look fashionable and playful.

2. Confidential Condom Holders

Cute Naughty Gift IdeasA man who always forget to bring condoms with them is as annoying as any embarrassing surprises of bringing that obvious condom packet. There are many discreet condom holders you can buy, like the “JUST IN CASE® II compact.” It looks just like an only flip-top mirror, but with a compartment enough to hold two condoms inside. There´s also a condom storing case that looks like an iPhone cover. It looks sexy and smart, a perfect gift for your girl if both of you are always on-the-go together.

3. Droplet Necklace

Cute Naughty Gift Ideas

Simple, sleek and discreet droplet necklace. This little jewelry has a secret that can please your lady´s sensual side with it’s vibrating nipple clamp that looks like a pendant. Yes, you can slip the droplet under her clothing and its tiny motors will do the work. So, let your imagination do the picture painting.

4. Kama Sutra Dice Set and Kheper Games

Cute Naughty Gift Ideas

Just a reality check; in a romantic relationship sex is important, but lovemaking can get pretty boring. The sad part is not all of us can go as radical as bondage. There’s an erotic game of chance that you and your honey can enjoy without going way too extreme. This game is intended to promote mutual fondling and make your sensual mood more exciting! Just roll the dice and do the position with your partner. I bet this naughty gift idea will challenge your endurance with every game.

5. Thigh High With Striped Top Stockings

Cute Naughty Gift Ideas

Need less to say, it is no question that every girl feels sexier than ever, wearing a sexy lingerie along with this pair of hot perky stockings.

6. Tanama Diver Necklaces

Cute Naughty Gift Ideas

A whimsical pendant series dives into the mountainous chest of women. Interestingly scandalous naughty gift ideas such as this cute creation of Takayuki Fukusawa. This is so uniquely naughty that even boredpanda didn’t get bored of it! If your girlfriend is blessed with ample bosom, she’d be surprised to see this cool pendant jumping off down her cleavage.

7. Bath Caddy

il_570xN.291134405You could never go wrong with bath caddies if you are dating a brainy lady who enjoys the combination of wine, books, and bath. Remember, an intelligent woman’s viewpoint of sexy is something that is convenient and practical. Let your mind play how else you can use the caddy for some suggestive tub time with her.

8. Panties With Cut Out And Bow Lingerie

Cute Naughty Gift IdeasAll women love the feeling of wearing a sexy underwear, however, not all women are comfortable with none cottony fabrics. is selling one of the best naughty gift ideas cute pica-boo knickers with a peep-hole. Its fabric is made of cotton gusset which is not as delicate as lace.

9. Imoji Plush Pillows

Cute Naughty Gift Ideas

I love teddies and I will always love them, but maybe we should skip the teddies this time and give your girl a much more expressive Snuggy pillow, don’t you think? The Hearts Imoji and the happy poop pillows are good picks for as naughty gift ideas. Not like I hate this gift but if your girlfriend is naughty, I doubt she would whack you off after giving this cuddly poo-pillow.

10. The Lucky Bones Necklace

Cute Naughty Gift Ideas

Have you seen this naughty 14k gold-plated necklace with a Dino sexing charm on it? This chunky necklace that rocks with seductive personality and style has been worn by some celebrities. This is a nice gift that she can wear in a fun party night out with girl friends, and of course on your romantic dates too!